Published on August 27, 2019 (Updated on August 27, 2019)

Lucky Block (Real Block Edition) (Add-on)

Lucky Block is all about chance this add-on introduce over 100 random possible events o and did I mention it's a block.

All other add-ons that are lucky blocks use entitys and have no bad events this add-on however is a fully useable and craftable block.

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Description changed and edited to better understand the add-on as well as player json was changed to match the blocks function


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I am a new map creator and I just came to say that I love the mod and as a java edition player who also plays java I can say that this is definitely good quality, now moving on from that the main question I have is that if I can use this addon in my map as long as I leave a link to it and provide credit to you dakonblackrose
The mod works in 1.14 for windows 10, i just tested it in march 2020. Stop complaining.
how do i download it
For you idiots just refresh the addon it’s not that hard idk why you didn’t think of that
You need gold for golden apples
Bruh the lucky blocks can give you enchanted golden apples and normal golden apples oof
Please update the blocks, they don't work anymore because of the new 1.14.0 update.
You should add a Lucky Block that gives you unobtainable items/blocks
it's working but you should be in survival mode and experiment gameplay enabled
please update for 1.13.0

I really want to play lucky blocks with my friends
Well, too bad 1.13 broke it. (it acts like a normal block now)
i break the block and nothing?
Hi, please make sure that you're in Survival mode and break them with your hands, not with a pickaxe etc.
same problem for me, i’m in survival, and place the block and try to break it with my hand and it just gives me the block back
Are you on 1.14?
Me after using the mobile download even though I'm on PC: 'o'
Oh yes i have more special mods is NATURAL DISASTERS MOD in this mod Contains Storm Tornado To Activate The Weather You gotta do this command /weather create storm (f2 or c2 or f3 or c3) then send the command a Storm tornado Will appear Takes Everything like blocks,particles,entities and more For more Information Go youtube search:natural Disasters mod and Watch The Video And Video Owner Is Moosemods He’s has So Many Special Mods So Watch His Videos
yes but thats for java THIS WEBSITE IS BEDROCK!!
Stfu nerd
tais addon is lagging
Noo sorry more information i got it again is When you hold Dandelion I don’t know but is Yellow Flower not big and isn’t tall when you give it becomes another texture of it i think there’s more information i think?