Published on April 22, 2020 (Updated on May 29, 2022)

Lucky Blocks

This addon adds 3 lucky blocks to the game, which can be opened by breaking them. There are a total of 160+ different things that can occur from breaking the lucky blocks.

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+ added 100+ new structures that can spawn by breaking a lucky block


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it's good, but I always hate it when whiter appears because the world is immediately messed up
Opening over 100 lucky blocks all I got was a stack of gold stack of iron 15 diamonds 5 emeralds and 32 normal golden apples the rest was just structures I like the concept but please take away like half of these structures it’s not even fun because all I did was anticipate the same or a slightly different structure mind you all the stuff I got came from those structures I didn’t get a single item from the block itself.
does it work for 1.17?
el mod no me funciono, nisiquiera me aparecieron los lucky blocks u.u
nisiquiera pude usarlos :c

mi versión es la de minecraft bedrock Windows 10
XxWolf_gamer_girlxX May 30, 2021 at 9:38 am
Wont work, can't get any lucky blocks.....
You have to craft it or use the command give @s lb:lucky_block to get it, there is also give @s lb:lucky_lucky_block and also give @s lb:unlucky_block
lawrence andre cannel May 22, 2021 at 10:45 am
Maybe you should make a ultra destructive weapon
That would be cool
This addon wont work for me
This is the best Lucky Block addon I could ever find. Also can I use your addon textures and simplify them? I'll credit you. I wanna get it because my resource pack Simplified Textures will simplify all textures I found so it is compatible with other addons.
I want see a luck block addon whit differents items like PC
Can I use this behavior pack to make a map? I’ll indicate the author of the behavior pack.
Can I use this behavior pack to make a map? I'll indicate the author of the behavior pack.
cool mod, cant wait for an update with some more outcomes
I love this concept, but it is poorly implemented. The lucky blocks don’t have enough variety and there seem to be very few bad effects coming from the normal lucky block. Also, sometimes it doesn’t give you anything. I also think that them spawning underground should be toggled, I personally don’t like that feature.
Is this a behavior or resource pack or both?