Published on September 07, 2021 (Updated on September 07, 2021)

Lucky Chest!

In this world, you will spawn near small house with a chest. when you open the chest, it will play a cool animation inside, before giving you a random item. This could be a cool twist for a survival world, or for map making. (note: you will spawn in on creative and if you want you can stay in creative.) 

The items you can get from the chest: Coal, Iron, Emeralds, Gold, or diamonds. I have also left all the redstone/command mechanics open for you to see rather than covered up. here are some pictures:





If you want to use this in your video, you must credit me, ZayKay145.

No creating your own links to this page, just use this one.

You ARE Allowed to change any of my redstone/commands, but no publishing your changed version on or anywhere else without my permession, and you must also credit me. 

Sorry it is quite simple -I will upload more complex maps soon. (this is my first ever submission)


That's all, have a good day, and most of all, have FUN!!!


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Added a bit more text and added the small house surrounding the chest.


  • Lucky_chest.mcworld (9.06 MB)

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