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Luz10noch0's Among Us SkinPack

Among Us is a game in where you can team with your friends, or BETRAY THEM!! 

Choose a color and start your Minecraft Among Us roleplay!! Choose between being an impostor or a crewmember!!

If you have seen my previous subbmissions you know i uploaded some Among Us skins, well, now they are in a unique pack!! Crewmates are the unedited skins, impostor skins and suspicious skins are made by me using as base the original ones. As i couldn't find any purple, orange or brown skins i made my own, here some screenshots:

Red should be doing his tasks, not taking selfies.

Impostors look like these.

Also if you want to be a knife/gun impostor instead of a tongue impostor use these skins.

Here my friends the ghasts.

Brown is one with the nature 😌.


Open and it should import to minecraft automatically.

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