Published on August 15, 2020 (Updated on May 02, 2023)

Minecraft 3D

Minecraft 3D is a realistic resource pack that adds 3D looking blocks and items without sacrificing too much processing power. Feel free to share this texture pack with the mcpedl link.

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-textured all cherry blocks/items/entities

-textured suspicious gravel

-textured pottery patterns

-textured the brush

-textured calibrated sculk

-and more!


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sum things are kinda... weird looking... but i luvs it
fix for 1.20 pls, when holding in hand, these items are comically large, string, arrow, and torch
Please update for 1.20.0
I don’t know why but if you hold an arrow in your hand it becomes a very large and floats next to you.
the cone web is so big why
não funcionou bugou tudo
Really great i like the 3d look to everything hope to see more like it =)

I tried adding these mods to my realm, so I tried each one seperately, to see which one my friends xbox could handle. But now, when I try adding any of the textures, 64, 128, or 256, the game just decides, why dont we put ALL 3 on the realm ? If I try to manually remove them from my minecraft, and the realm, and only add the minecraft x64 pack, and delete x128 and x256 entirely off my pc, then add minecraft x64 to the realm, it works. Well... Until you try to join... Upon joining it will ask me to download the 128x and 256x when they arent on my minecraft, not on my realm, or on my pc. When i remove x64, it stops trying to download it. This is a very bad bug, making the game unplayable. I cant join without my xbox crashing due to all 3 mods trying to go on when I dont add them. Until there's a fix, I can't use this texture pack, which is the best i've ever seen... Please help me fix this, anyone !
the texture itself is great, but it make some item appear bigger than it should be (kinda messy)
Hagan una compatible para la 1.20.32
ITS very good pack but why the snowball were very big ITS glitch can you fix it