Published on September 20, 2021 (Updated on September 21, 2023)

M'Golem (V2.1) || More golems!

Well Its quiet Easy to explain.

This addon adds (17) New Golems into MC!

These are quiet simple Golems but some have special abilitys and the better the Golem the Bigger :P

So welp Hope you enjoy! :)   

Btw Turn on All experimental Gameplay Features  On   

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-Fixed a few minor bugs
-changed the download link of the addon


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It's really laggy
what causes it anyway
Pls add a lightning rod to copper golem
Reminds me of the old minecraft
I like when you create them they don’t fight back like a actual golem also can you make another version where all the golems sizes are the same
Amazing, All I ever wanted in A Addon like this I like the textures the abilities and models of the golems and didn’t just make them look like the default iron golem, The only real problem I face with this Addon is that when you hit a golem it doesn’t fight back which I see as odd but other than that an amazing Addon can’t wait to see what new things await for this Addon in the coming weeks
This is bc when you summon it the Golem is your Golem so it doesn't fight you.
If you summon it with /summon it will however attack
wow! i havent prove it but it looks cool!