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Published on June 25, 2016 (Updated on June 25, 2016)

Magic Carpet Mod

Link doesn't work
the link is r.i.p on my windows
Link is dead
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This is working 1.1.3 yeah
I can't get it because I have iOS??
What is the map u used?
Im in creative mode
Can you add pink carpet
That would be horrible! add cyan carpets!
Im usin 0.16.1 (Android) it does not seem to work! I tap on the carpet but it just dies
do the carpets show up in the creative inventory
I don't remember really. Read the instructions and you will learn how to get them.
You can put mods in minecraft master.
or do you mean mcpe master
This is working for 0.14.3?
How do I install mods to play on minecraft 0.15.0 could you plz tell me or give me a link to a video.

That will be very help full thx

P.S. I'm the one that commented on the teleporters mod thx that was lovely.
Wait is there an update of Blocklauncher that can enable mods in 0.15.0??
How did you do the mods then if your on 0.15.0 and the pictures
I used 0.14.3 to test this mod. But it will work for 0.15 too BL updates it (I am pretty sure).