Published on December 02, 2021 (Updated on December 15, 2021)

Magical Crafting Table Addon

Magical Crafting Table is a kind of a crafting table which will add more crafting recipes to your game. After applying this addon you will be able to craft items which you couldn't craft earlier plus you will get to see more weapons and more food.

‣This is a Magical Crafting Table addon. Unlike the default crafting table it has more crafting recipes and more items and more weapons and more food. Also, it has a different skin. 

‣ In the game you can't craft spawn eggs , mob spawners , elytra etc. But now your problem is solved. After applying this addon you can literally craft more weapons , more food , spawn eggs , elytra, mob spawner and much more. 

‣ Magical Crafting Table will really make your survival easy. I recommend you to use this addon in survival mode so that it can make your game easy and you face less problems. 

‣ Important note - don't forget to turn on experiments otherwise the addon won't work. I can't show you all the crafting recipes but you can view some of them below. Here are some screenshots -  



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MORE FOOD.                                             MORE WEAPONS.                                     MORE RECIPES

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does it use player.jason file