Published on April 21, 2019 (Updated on August 28, 2021)


Bioplentia is a biome addon for Minecraft Bedrock. You can travel biomes and explore the landscape. Along with the new biomes, it adds new mobs, plants, flowers, trees, building blocks.

Creator: _marcjones_ (Twitter account)

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Bioplentia adds different biomes. You can also find new mobs, plants and blocks in these biomes. Some biomes have a specific atmosphere. The Shattered taiga has a chaotic landscape, the Bayou is very wet, and the Cherry Blossom Grove is full of petals.

Cherry Blossom Grove


Shattered Taiga




Pumpkin Patch



All rights reserved. Using Bioplentia confirms you agree to the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (

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Next update after Bedrock 1.18.


• mAPI is no longer required to play with Bioplentia


•  added Highland
• updated Dunes
• updated Outback
• updated Cherry Blossom Grove
•  removed Coniferous Forest and its sub-biomes:
- coniferous_forests_hills
- snowy_coniferous_forest
- snowy_coniferous_forest_hills
• removed Bayou

• added Acacia trees to the Outback
• added Multinoise-biomes support (for 1.18)


• updated Big Pumpkin
• added Mesa Altar


• added Cherry Sapling
• added Cherry Stairs
• added Dune Grass
• added Fluffy Cattail
• added Cherry Leaf Carpet
• added Pine Cones

• removed Pink Cherry Leaves
• removed Dead Grass
• removed roots (added in Vanilla 1.17)


• added Sand Dust Particle ('bioplentia:sand_dust_particle')


• added Pine Cone


• removed Duck
•  Dragonfly:
- updated model and texture
- updated behavior
• Frogs:
- updated model and texture
- updated sounds
- updated animations
- updated behavior



• updated various textures
• updated air fog in the Dunes to create a unique atmosphere
• updated air fog in the Cherry Blossom Grove to create a unique atmosphere
• updated weather fog in the Dunes
• Dune grass uses sand dust particles to create an atmosphere in the Dunes
• custom biomes now uses the default Bedrock tints
• added Raytracing option to Behavior Settings:
- contains some technical differences. Only for RTX players


• added Bedrock 1.17 support
• added AI tags for custom entities
• technical renames
• more adaptability with other addons


AI Tags:
This is an easy way to create custom behavior for an entity using the commands. Technically limited. Works only with custom entities.

Example: /summon bioplentia:frog ~ ~ ~ {AI Tag}

All custom entities:
- noAI

- butterflyColorBlueNoAI
- butterflyColorBlue
- butterflyColorGreenNoAI
- butterflyColorGreen
- butterflyColorYellowNoAI
- butterflyColorYellow
- butterflyColorOrangeNoAI
- butterflyColorOrange
- butterflyColorPurpleNoAI
- butterflyColorPurple
- butterflyColorRedNoAI
- butterflyColorRed

- dragonflyColorBlueNoAI
- dragonflyColorBlueNo
- dragonflyColorGreenNoAI
- dragonflyColorGreen
- dragonflyColorRedNoAI
- dragonflyColorRed


Bug fixes:

• fixed Frog Foot and Cooked Frog Foot eating animation
• butterflies no longer die in water
• dragonflies no longer die in water 
• frogs now drop the correct loot
• fixed work 'pick block' with custom blocks 
• /setblock command now works correctly with custom blocks


Open source:
Loot tables:
• custom structure loot tables are now data driven:
- beh_pack / loot_tables / chests / mesa_altar.json
* other addons can be cross-compatible and add their own custom stuff to these structures


• Download Bioplentia on your device;

• Open the File Explorer once you’ve downloaded an Bioplentia .mcaddon file;

• Go to your Downloads folder;

• Find the Bioplentia .mcaddon file and click it to import it to Minecraft;

• If you imported an Bioplentia, don’t forget to apply the Bioplentia when creating a new world or editing an existing world. And turn on  Experimental features (Holiday Creator Features; Creation of Custom Biomes; Additional Modding Capabilities).

Any problems you have while importing Bioplentia are solely related to your device.


  • Bioplentia1171111120210828.mcaddon (797.66 KB)

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4.34 / 5 (115 votes)
It's Not working if you have caves and cliffs turned on!!!
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The cherry blossom biomes is so laggy, I think it's because of the textures of the leaves 🤔
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Cherry Blossom Grove biome is so big and it has high chance of being at the world.
I kinda don't like it.
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- thanks for feedback! There are many problems with the Bedrock world generator right now. Perhaps this will be changed after 1.18.
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ikr, it should be one of those rare special biomes that you would want to look for. kindof like a jungle?
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End of support on August 29, 2021. Last scheduled update: August 28, 2021.
Thanks everyone!
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Update: still be supported. 1 update for 1 major update.
I don't have time for this. Thanks for your support!
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Update to new versions, please!
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Thsi mod is not cool.......IT IS SUPER COOL i really love it! You should DOWNLOAD it!
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This addon is really great... please optimize/update it for 1.17, as my world crashes when i use it now, after the update yesterday
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Also, it would be great if you could add saplings for the 2 cherry trees
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If you cant import it then remove the date from the file name
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Make sure to remove the _ between the date and MC number version as well
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no I can't import it :( / It can be put in a zip file
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Me neither :( i keep seeing the message that the file is not supported now and i really really want to install it so bad 😩😭
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Remove the date from the file name and you should be able to import it
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Make sure to remove the _ between the date and MC number version as well
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Is it like this? Is this right? Is this how i should name the file?
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Umm... update version for minecraft 1.16.221
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For technical reasons, the development of Bioplentia is temporarily suspended. I have no return date.
This is not a reason for criticism. The project is a hobby and can be closed at any time. Thanks!
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Add pink and white cherry tree saplings ? Please fix it? Bug? Unstable? Work incorrectly. First time, custom biomes generated properly when you play Minecraft pe. In second times to play Minecraft, custom biomes cannot generate? Very unstable, very laggy? Please add desert plants; (tall) Baseball bat cactus, Saguaro cactus, desert bushes,
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Hi Marc,
Bioplentia was a brilliant addon however i tried re downloading the updated version and it worked fine but evey block that was added, turned into purple and black squares, also i did download mAPI. Another thing that happened was that there was only a behavior pack (i dont know if thats meant to happen). So if u could send a way i can fix this it would be appreciated.
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also i dont know alot about this kind of thing....
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Please reply i really want to play with this addon
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