Published on February 12, 2015 (Updated on February 12, 2015)

mamaMOOSE: Triple Village

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it doesn't work what version are you on
Great! ? Like It.
Me podrías decir las coordenadas?
Hi, i'm a youtuber and i'm so like this seed i can recode this Tq
Lol I saw this in an ebook
I found a witch in the 2nd village and it killed me twice
I found a witch in the 2nd village and it killed me twice
Did anyone else find it?
hey I found it too
What the heck is the white monster walking around the village because I killed him and it gave me iron
A freaking iron golem, you noob!
That's an iron golem. They are friendly mobs. ;)
The seed gives a Double Village if you do this seed in the Old World type. Only in the Infinite world type will the Triple Village generate. There's also a dungeon near and under the center well of the Triple Village.

If you're having trouble getting infinite, pause your game and find the limit world size. Turn that off and you should be able to make infinite worlds. Enjoy!
Wow. I never knew my seed was this popular. Again, just a little mention of me as original founder would be great. Again, thanks! :)
Of course! I added you to the text as the founder of the seen.
do u spawn near or far from the village?
Yeah, if I remember it right just walk straight ahead and you should soon be able to see it.
I'm sorry, I only got a double village. I'm so confused
Did you find three wells? If you did, then it's a triple village.
Sorry. My comment at bottom of this thread was suppose to be directed towards you. I'm still new to this site and I hope my comments helps. :)