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Published on August 07, 2014 (Updated on August 07, 2014)

Mansion of the Damned [Adventure] [Horror Warning!]

A map probably inspired by The Shining. At least that's the thing that instantly came to mind when reading the story. It's a horror map with puzzles, parkour, action and even zombies. Lets see if you got the courage to finish this map, if you do, let us know in the comments.


Year was 1936 and it was a cold, dark autumn night when out of nowhere a gruesome murder and slaughter took place in what once was once thought to be a nice family's mansion. The owner of the mansion suffered from schizophrenia, killed, tortured and kept remains of his dead family. Since then the mansion have been said to be haunted and nobody has lived there ever since.

The current year is 2014 and you come here together with your team of paranormal investigators to see if the place really is haunted or if it's just a myth. As you arrive to the mansion and make your way into it all of the sudden you hear a loud bang, the door locking behind you, and the lights go out.

Screams are coming from all ways and you fall unconscious.

Next you wake up in a small room and all you want is to find a way out.


  • Never break any blocks unless there are hints allowing you to. E.g.: "The bookshelfs look old and rusty."
  • You are only allowed to craft ladders
  • If by some chance a creeper explodes then don't take advantage of any holes created
  • No mods
  • You are allowed to break and place torches
  • Don't play on peaceful
  • Never change the gamemode
  • Have a great deal of fun!

Creator: nore

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absolutely bad! the only shining related map and it's a zip file download which once converted into an mcworld the level import fails.
AYEEEEE LMAO LOLLL May 31, 2018 at 1:57 pm
Um where ya download
Scarier than the weegee board
Please make this an mcworld download file!
Created one but it didn't work.
That was shocking and i was glued on my tablet for hours
Id like to share some maps i did. I done a resident evil map and a haunted mansion and my beat so far is a living with giants map.