Published on September 19, 2020 (Updated on September 28, 2020)

Many B Golem

This addon adds 56 "new entities" in the game. That virtually everything can be created on the worktable and can be generated.

There are 56 equal entities but each with its own characteristics, whether health or attack.

I hope you like this addon.

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  • Recipes completed
  • Now all recipes are showed in workbench
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i cant get the mod
Does each golem have its strengths and weaknesses? like wood golems die faster in fire, or obsidian golems are immune to fire? or some do more damage?
this is an awsome addon, I carnt find nor craft the obsidian and netherite golem
Is it broken?
Surprised no netherite golem but the mod is great either way
It"s very cool, but I think you can improve the golems a lilitle bit, make them tameble.
Something that bothers me about minecraft golems is that all they do is wander aimlessly and attack nearby monsters, when normal golems are supposed to be more like servants obeying their masters' orders rather than just wandering aimlessly attacking. threats, making them tame I think would be a good solution, I ask this not because it is a lack of your addon, it is incredible but rather it is a lack of minecraft golems itself, it would be good if you can tame them give them the order of what follow you like wolves or wander around like they always do, if not at least they can repair themselves, whatever thanks for the addon
Witch golem has the most health?
"All new entities are identical in figure, but not in texture, and have the same base behavior of a golem."

I think this means all golems are the same stats wise.
Nevermind, tested some in creative. Dirt/Bookcase/Grassy Dirt took 8 hits from diamond sword, Diamond took 15-16 hits from diamond sword, consistently. Did not test them all.
I have been waiting for this for so long !! Thanks !!
Does all the golems have different health?