Published on February 14, 2023 (Updated on February 12, 2023)

Map to Server (Exploration and Entertainment: Mine and buy + Mini Games)

Welcome to our Mine and Shop map, where you can experience an adventure filled with action and fun. Upon entering the map, you'll find yourself in a world filled with riches to discover, where you can mine and sell your findings to acquire weapons, food, pets and build yourself a house. But beware, you can also face off against your friends in thrilling battles. This map is perfect for use on servers and guarantees hours and hours of entertainment with your friends.

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  • New creatures: New creatures to your world, such as dragons, sea monsters, or winged beasts.
  • New biomes: Explore new biomes, such as deserts, tropical jungles, or frozen tundras.
  • New blocks: New blocks with unique textures and properties to your map, such as crystal blocks or marble blocks.
  • New buildings and structures: New buildings and structures to your world, such as castles, fortresses, hanging bridges, etc.
  • New items: New items and tools, such as machines, magic items, etc.


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Help, I can't import it. I can download the mcpack but when I try to important into minecraft, it says "Failed Zip archive"
It is not a zip file, it is mcworld, you have to click on it and it will only be installed in your Minecraft