Cursed (Horror) [Adventure]

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Does not work. vents are broken. fix this and I’ll like it. This map is terrible.
I got stuck in the vent too!
all of command blocks are wrong! noob.
This game needs an update the vents do not work! I had to go and press a button to get through outside the map
I already unzip the file yet there still no world that loaded ;~;
Golden freddy_1987 March 24, 2018 at 5:40 am
Is your friend piekabe?
Also love your maps specially the ONAF .also i viewed all the images of the texture of onaf ,i saw there was a quiver, chalkboard,and many old features.did you build the map at Minecraft 15.1 or 16.1?
I can't do anything and before the vents I was stuck there
How do you get out of the vents??
I got stuck in the vents what do I do?
What do I do after I get onto the vents? I got stuck and since ima so stupid, I got stuck there for 20 minutes......
Plz fix the bugs
This is so good i will give you five stars its soooo lit and cooool awesome keep up the goood wooorrrkkk Not gonna lie??? i like it
The map creator actually forget to place redstone so all prople got stuck in vent and the room. It could be a great map if the creator placed the redstone
This funny thing 'oh yeah my figet spinner, ohh oh ohhh