Published on October 28, 2017 (Updated on October 28, 2017)

Massive Kit-PvP [PvP]

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can u put a tutorial video to get to the admin shop i looked everywhere and i couldnt find it
Hey Lyon! Great map! I would like to use it as KitPvP base. Of course I'll admit that you built the map. Can I?
Hi! Really . enjoyed the map but could you add in add-on/ mod to get players back to spawn through typing a command?
eg. /hub

Thanks! Would really appreciate it if you could do it!
Custom commands arent possible to add in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Mineplex has it /hub etc
lmfao this kid

mineplex is a server. not a world. it has plugins not addons.
Nice map! I downloaded it and was actually surprised that the map was actually good! But, please include more kits with like special skills to use. For example: Fire bender, Ninja, Samurai...
However, still really enjoyed playing here! Thanks!
H.A.U. Development Team May 10, 2019 at 10:37 pm
Hi, Lyon. This map is incredible, and I would like to use it for a PvP server (possible) called ‘Heroes Among Us’. I would include ALL credit, and would absolutely adore your input on the development. Of course, if you decline, there will be no issues and I will merely create my own Kit PvP.
I can’t find the admin shop
Its under the map!
The... enchants... are... CRAZY ?? what the heck!
This is one of my favorite PvP map!!!

5 stars!
I dont recommend this because:
1. My friend joined and they were in survival. (not adventure)
2. We played one game, my friend killed me and got stuck in the arena.
3. I downloaded a map called craftbros it had the same idea BUT it actually worked.
Hey dude all of the “kits” are super overpowered how do I get them to the balenced ones??’s a good map, but you didn’t really do anything. You downloaded the whole arena from a website, and the enchants made the game crash. It’s ok, but only for high-end devices. Kinda disappointed with this map. It could be much better.
You are not supposed to use the enchants,
except the knockback stick.
Cool world! It’s so amazing!
Where is the admin shop??????, otherwise its good.
I love the forest map!
You stole this from someone