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Published on November 30, 2015 (Updated on November 30, 2015)

empire: Massive Temple (with 34 Gold Ingots)

Seed ID

Work iwill this work on 1.12.0
I can’t find it
I’m on pe I did not find it maybe it was an update that changed the world
I got lost and found a village and an ancient well
I can not find it but I found a village and ancient wells
I got 10 diamonds 1 emerald and 50 gold ingots
Guys i saw the other temple so now i got the total65 gold ingots 5diamonds 4 emeralds and 10 iron igots
Omg this seed is so awesome i got 40gold ingots but i did not get any diamonds.
Dude, there are 40 gold ingots!
What is the seed name
I can't find it. Is it X-Box, Play Station, Pc, or PE. I'm on PE.
Thank you
So cool love the seed 10/10
there are no temples..... where do i can find it ???? please help ...
Turn around!!!!!?!!!
There are tons of temples in this seed very good.
Hey that was so cool I shared it with all my friends