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Fly UI

New look with Fly UI. If you are tired of the look of default Minecraft UI, then Fly UI is one of the solutions. Fly UI combines the design idea of several editions of Minecraft. 

Fly UI contains the idea of ​​Minecraft Earth design, Minecraft Dungeons music, vanilla elements and the author’s work. 

Creator: _marcjones_ (Twitter Account)

 How does it work?

Fly UI completely modifies some vanilla screens.

Main menu (Pocket)

Main menu (Desktop)

Settings screen

Profile screen (default tab)

Profile screen (preview tab)

Persona screen (character edit)

Play screen 

Add server screen

World templates screen

Create new World/Realms screen

Loading screen (World)


Don't like the default background/music? Fly UI DLC for you!

1. Neon City (New)

Version: 1.0.0 for 1.16-

Description: Contains alternative background and music in the style of a neon city.

Download: click here

2. Modern City (Updated)

Version: 1.0.1 for 1.16-1.1.2_2020.12.31

Description: Contains alternative background and music in the style of a modern city.

Download: click here

3. Halloween Time (Updated)

Version: 1.0.2 for 1.16-1.1.2_2020.12.31

Description: Contains alternative backgrounds and music for Halloween.

Download: click here

4. Christmas Night (Updated)

Version: 1.0.2 for 1.16-1.1.2_2020.12.31

Description: Contains alternative backgrounds, music and effects for Christmas.

Download: click here

Distribution of Fly UI DLC to other sites is prohibited without the permission of the creator. This is exclusive to MCPEDL. 

For RU: другим сайтам запрещено распространять FlyUI DLC без разрешения автора. Это эксклюзивно для MCPEDL. 


Switch between two types of main menu (you need to restart the game):

Installation Fly UI DLC:

Terms of use

You can:

  •  use Fly UI.
  •  make a video about Fly UI (link to the original MCPEDL page are required) .
  •  publish Fly UI (without Fly UI DLC) on other sites (link to the creator's twitter are required) .

You can't:

  • edit code .
  • use files/code in other resource packs (the code structure is unique and it is easy to verify) .
  • copy site materials: description, images etc. (original MCPEDL page).


  •  you can create your own DLC based on default Fly UI DLC's (with your own background, effects, icons music) and leave a screenshot/video on Twitter with the hashtag #FlyUIDLC. The best DLC's will be published here.
  • you can't publish Fly UI DLC to other site.
  • you can make a video about Fly UI DLC.
  • you can use Fly UI DLC .

All rights reserved!

You must be logged into your platform account to play with Fly UI.

Select version for changelog:


31 December 2020 - 1.16-1.1.2_2020.12.31


• Neon City

- neon atmosphere on new year's eve 🌌


• updated Spotify widget (new design and fade animation)

• updated Main menu for desktop platforms (mobile players can try this using the UI Profile option in the settings, after restarting the game)

• updated default background and music

• updated logical algorithms 


• updated format version for sound definitions

• corrected some colors

• fixed components errors (tts index)

Happy New Year! ☃️


• Download Fly UI on your device;
• Open the File Explorer once you’ve downloaded an Fly UI .mcpack file;
• Go to your Downloads folder;
• Find the Fly UI .mcpack file and click it to import it to Minecraft;
• If you imported an Fly UI, don’t forget to apply the Fly UI in global resources;

Any problems you have while importing Fly UI are solely related to your device.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.37 / 5 (115 votes)
Amazing UI pack! Highly recommend it :)
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DreamfanVinceLouisfriend May 01, 2021 at 9:07 am
Good bye the way
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Was this meant to be in a texture pack category instead of addons?
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Wacky Wars,
- The category is correct.
The question is closed.
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This UI is amazing!
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How do you deactivate the music?
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Hello, this addon is amazing and I was wondering if I could modify the addon for my survival series, with this series I will not get money, will I give it credits, can I?
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Its not work dude why?
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Its bot work dude why?
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I love it! But when i try to use the one with the pumpkin pastures background, it doesnt show minecraft as an option for opening it (yes im on mobile)
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Also i have one request: can you put the types of main menu in the settings for the texture pack, because i like the classic ui, but im on mobile and want the pocket main menu
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Hello can you please fix this it still wont work
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Can you change the music of 'neon city'
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the music is not working
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Why does the spotify thingy always pop up even when I'm ingame???? please help me!
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Well well you are truly talented sir. You know what aesthetic is 🔥🤞 it looks so good and your page layout is perfection too
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