Published on April 14, 2017

Matrix Shaders


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It sucks I can't even change the page because of this
Great but the only problem is after a while it starts to hurt my eye
Guest-2137538924 May 11, 2020 at 4:30 pm
lmao just disable it
Plz fix the crashing
Can you please make this texture pack so that it is for windows 10 edition it would really mean the world to me please. Also great texture pack and IDEA definitely not fake or something like that.
It crushed my Minecraft!
Attention please do NOT get the matrix shader as it will break your minecraft game, let's take a moment for those who lost there games...
One solution that I found is to crash your game, because the global resources will reset and then you can delete it after! My way of doing it is go to then chat /give @s command_block and input this command: /execute @e[type=arrow] ~ ~ ~ summon arrow ~ ~ ~ then set it to always active and Repeating then grab a bow and shoot one arrow downwards, then constantly arrows spawn and is sure to crash your game.
Or if you have a low-end device just create an end portal or nether and enter it
yea mine was glitches. do not get! it could crash your game causing it to never allow you to play unless you delete and re-install minecraft pe! do not get this! if your game crashes, its your fault! not mine, or the creators, but yours because you didnt litsen to us!
Actually you can just delete it in the files of Minecraft
You should also make a add-on with all the tools too
Please can there be a mermaid tail addon/skin please?That would be amazing!!!!!
Sorry for bad English!
Im German!
Does'nt work ... That was a good idea
It made me glitch I can't even play minecraft anymore
I can't either! If I press play it goes blank! Did this happen to you?
Hey I have a amazing map and I would like to make download for it. Anyone here know how to make a download. Thx
Yea you first have to either get a computer if you're on iOS or file manager app if you're on android. Then download a file manager app onto your computer, I recommend ifunbox or iexplorer, and connect your device via USB cord. Then for either android or iOS, you go into the minecraft files and find the game files, then world, then you select the world you'd like to put up for download, and copy it, leaving one copy in your game, and taking the other out. Then you go to a file sharing site such as Dropbox or mediafire, and then upload your world file. Then you're done. Hope this helped
Oh my god I love this best idea ever 100/10 the Matrix series is my most favourite thing of all time yes love thank you so much
The matrix pack doesn't work it just crashes my Minecraft
Go to file explorer and OPEN > GAMES > com.mojang >Resource pack > CSPE Sha >delete it