Published on November 12, 2016 (Updated on November 12, 2016)

Max Framerate Addon

Installation Guides

You enabled dev settings.So that means you made me a dev and i wanted to become a dev.Thanks a ton!:)
Doesn’t work. Every time I change the settings and test out the FPS change it doesn’t change anything and when I go back to settings it just stays the same, please fix this I’m version 1.12.0. Thanks
Did you even hear him!? It's ONLY on 0.17.0!
brilliant work still working in 2019 latest version
Hey, Can u make it for the latest version of Minecraft? Thank you For your Time.
How to install this addon
This is very old addons why you are use this now
Does it work on version
Well I downloaded it on version and it is in the options, but whenever I change anything it doesn't change... It simply doesn't work. What to do? I wanted the free realms..
Please update it to 1.2.x there is no storage section while using this resource
Oh it is working on mcpe beta thats so cool finally LAG R.I.P
everything looks fine but does it still work on 1.2 version
I'm using a future version of MCPE. I hope it works for 1.2.
@Editor, is this resource pack available for 1.2 beta?
Is keeping crushing.