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Published on January 10, 2019 (Updated on January 10, 2019)

Max Framerate Slider PC Resource Pack

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TYSM ccant believe it worked! i actually use it to lower fps cuz i used to play MC on switch so when i use a controllre on PC its TOO SMOOTH XDDD ik so dumb but i cant play with a conntroller with high fps 10/10000000
Th people has a render distacne problem i may this. The render distance will not fix lag if u have this mod becouse the render distance is ur problem becouse its the one who lag ur game in mcpe,mcbe windows or Xbox,or from npany device u can't fix it unless if ur smart.
it's working. it's better to use this on server because if i place block in unplaceable area it able to place at 10fps! and I need to turn to higher when I play something. Very good!
Great. It is always good to set it to 10 fps if you run minecraft in the background for your friends to play. 10/10
Guest-3309303427 May 31, 2020 at 9:18 pm
its not doing anything
Will it work for PS4? Because I will use my iPhone to download it. And also is their a FPS counter
Does anyone know if this works well on Xbox? I need some input
yup! i use it all the time
Works I used to get 30 FPS on my iPad mini 4 now it’s 60 so 10/10
Wow thanks it did help for my many Armor stands
Good resource pack my FPS improved by a bunch. Thanks!
Thumbnail was clickbait but this mod thing did help my FPS before I came across this my FPS on my laggy world was like 30 at worst and 50 at best but this did improve my FPS a bit but not perfect on 250 I get like 60-80 so ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
actually, this isnt a clickbait thumbnail. It's showing that if your computer can go to 250 fps then it will go up o that instead of 1-60 fps
Why didn’t I get the increased render distance bar that’s what I downloaded it for that would make make for sum GUI screenshots
Then why did you download it? The thumbnail CLEARLY said FPS slider.
Where link for windows10
it works for windows 10
turn all false into true. that’s how u get world generation template on settings