Published on September 19, 2021 (Updated on September 19, 2021)

Maximum Gamma v1.1

These shaders allow you to forget about torches in the mine and night vision when building in the dark, especially in survival. They also don’t load the device, but quite the opposite!

These shaders give the same result as "options.txt" (gamma:1000000.0) in Java Edition.

No matter how hard you try, our familiar torches will never be made of something like this:

in like this:

Is this considered cheating?

Perhaps. But no one bans on our usual Java servers, players who play with the maximum gamma. Even quite popular minecraft players on YouTube playing with it and sometimes tell subscribers how to do it.


My Credits:

My Discord: Mr.Challenge#9389

YouTube: Mr Challenge :3

Select version for changelog:

  • Added "block destroy particles" [on/off] switcher
  • Cleared vignette (more info in pack folder)


Installation is very simple, you just need to download the .mcpack or .zip file and unzip it.

There is essentially no difference between them, .mcpack works better on IOS, and .zip on Android and Windows or Mac (but these shaders do not work on it), but that's up to you.

For inexperienced users, it is recommended to download the .mcpack, in order to properly install the resource, you need to:

  1. Select the downloaded file
  2. Click "Share"
  3. Select Minecraft and wait for it to start, and automatically upload our file to Resource Packs
  4. After successful download we go to "Settings"
  5. "Global Resources" and we are looking for our file, it should look something like this:

Select it and click "Activate".

That's it, you can go into your world and enjoy :)


  • Maximum_Gamma.mcpack (587.02 KB)
  • (587.02 KB)


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Can I use this in a new UI pack? (with credit of course!)
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is half full bright is possible? you can see in the dark and you can differ what is dark and what is lit?
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I judged by myself, but if you do not turn off the particles of block destroying, then you can understand by them where it is darker and where it is lighter, but I can try to make the gl half light, it is desirable that you can see the places where mobs spawn... by the truth... this will be more convenient. :)
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Can you please do it, I really dont want to full brightness completely cuz thats kind of cheating, i want half bright
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Funciona bastante bien
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