Mazda MX-5 Miata

Probably one of the most revolutionary car addon at mcpedl, this amazing convertible roadster will make your minecraft rides even better than before! Feel the “Jinba Ittai” (”rider and horse as one") spirit of the miata in your minecraft world today.

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- The Miata now has a more sophisticated interior, along with a realistic undercarriage
- The white Miata's roof was changed into dark red, as well as the steering wheel, which was changed to the color red

- Roof animations added

-Wipers added


Known bugs:

  • The white Mazda MX5 Model is a bit faulty


                                                                           comment down below if you encountered other bugs


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Ummmm hi i have a suggestion can you make another car in 1 pack i mean i love mazda van can you make it i will apreciate it thanks :D btw i subcribe your channel too
I'll see to it. A mazda van sounds amazing. Thank you. I appreciate that a lot
Can u make it open the hood?
Nope. Maybe i'll do it on another car if necessary
Made a new comment because I wanted to give 5 stars.

I was wondering if you will ever make a miata with flip up headlights? If you want a example there is a mod called something like Poker's Retro pack for Flans(PC). Have a good one!
I haven't really given that a thought. Thanks for the idea! I'd love to give a flip up headlights car a shot but i think i'll try it on a different model of car than the miata. It still depends so I'll see what works best. Thank youu
Can you change the headlight color to white and make a white version. Also, I LOVE THIS ADDON! I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A MIATA ADDON FOR MONTHS! THIS IS ALSO MY FAVORITE VERSION OF THE MIATA! THANK YOU!
Same haha :D
Thank you everyone. It's my first car addon (and won't be the last)

Sure, i'll add a white one, i missed that detail about the headlight so thanks for pointing that out