Published on January 04, 2021 (Updated on June 22, 2021)

MCC Fanmade Parkour Tag

If you're into minecraft and the community that surrounds it, you may have heard of the famous tournament server that brings together content creators, Minecraft Championships, commonly known as MCC. This map is a fanmade recreation of their new minigame 'Parkour Tag'. 

Spawning in the lobby of the map, you get witness the outline of the parkour zone that you'll be playing in. 

The game runs around the concept of a hunter trying to chase and tag the runners while they try to survive for a minute. It includes a variety of jumps and shortcuts you can use to your advantage both as a runner or a hunter. There can be multiple runners competing against one hunter. 

Once the walls disappear the hunter has 60 seconds to try and kill all the runners. 

in the video, you can see the spawn and rooms each of them get teleported in before the game starts. 

The map has a minimum amount of circuitry behind the scenes that tries to stop players from griefing and to give you a decent experience with the game. 

It also has a resource pack that adds a few MCC textures. 

Map Design and Concept by Minecraft Championships' NoxCrew, this is just a recreation. 

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Fixed a lot of major bugs affecting gameplay, as well as adding a new announcement once the hunter wins. The health of a runner has also been set to only one heart for easy killing.


Press skip ad, block all incoming notifications and it will go to mediafire after a minute. Then press on the file and open minecraft to install the world. 


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yo you updated the map and it's still broken. hunter cant even attack the runners
when ever i use it, it takes me to Minecraft imports it but always says fail
wtf when ever i use it, it takes me to Minecraft imports it but always says fail
hMmMmMmm, i wonder who converted this to bedrock
Although the map was still fun, the hunter couldn't attack the runner, but the runner could attack the hunter. So, me and my friends just ended up swapping roles.
The link will point to AdFly and there's no way you can actually download the map without allowing notifications. Allowing notifications gets a ton of ads all over your browser and messes it up. Could you please give us another link that doesn't point to AdFly (which is a malicious website)?
Just block all notification and wait for ~30sec and it will work
It's awesome