Published on January 17, 2022 (Updated on January 17, 2022)

McDonalds Add-on V1

Would you like some fast food items in Minecraft? Would you want McDonalds in Minecraft? Well then here is the add-on for you! The McDonalds add-on adds plenty food items and 2 new unique entities and some new blocks. This add-on will allow you to eat food in style and give you some decretive blocks for your Minecraft world.

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removed the old mc addon link and moved some text


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Hello i'm trying to make my own addon and need some help did you use an app or website to make this or did you code it yourself pls respond
Hey, I used Bridge to make my add-ons
Hope this helps :)

will you let me have this in an public server i am creating i would love too, by the way good work on the addon
Yeah sure, could you credit me?
This comment has been removed
Lol Coolio. You should include in-game insulin injections to go with the diabetes your character will eventually get. J/k
Add a McDonald's structure
I ate this happy and I'm still feeling depressed wtf