Published on April 11, 2018

MCPE Beta (Showcase) [Creation] (Beta Only)

Installation Guides

You can get the beta with unlocked skins at revdl
I have it on ios the beta version from the new experimental mode
Then how do you install it ?
I'm a beta tester, but it won't work for me.
Well it takes time for notch to code everything else cause if you have a game , you have to develop, fix glitches and put codes. Be patient. If you’re IOS or apple, The latest update Is ‘ 1.2.15’ and theres at the ‘Create world’ I don’t know how how to spell but try to switch everything on but if you tried it Just wait for the next update. You think it’s so easy to develop a game and put codes but it takes time and notch or job might be even adding codes for new updates.
its the same as 1.13
Thanks for accepting my map!
Why is it soon short it don't even say well that's all????
Doesn't work ?
Maybe your not in beta ;). Join in beta first then load the map.
Are in latest beta also turtles and drowned?
Where is Underwater tnt, balloon, underwater torch, colored torch, heat block, sparkler, ice bomb, lab table, compound creator, element constructor, and material reducer..... All those education edition feature cannot by obtained from command but exist in1.2.20 but why it not listed in this map.
How do I get the beta?
Dang it I was going to upload this