Published on April 02, 2017

MCPE Showcase [Creation] (1.1.0 Only!)

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Will this be updated when 1.2 Releases? :D
For all of the MCPE players, I'm sorry I didn't create any maps YET because I'm currently studying since it is back to school. I hope I will finish my map soon! :)
All great map this amazing
Hmm.. is it just me or does this not work?
Wait, let me guess, you're playing on iOS as well. Currently the iOS users will have to wait until the official release date to get this cool stuffs! :)
Only missing is woodlands map and ocean explorer map.
Very cool map and thanks very much !!!
I will use to present the 1.1 update in one of my videos :)
Until now I don't know what is MCWorld?
Princess Consuela June 18, 2018 at 10:26 am
BRO! I figured It out the first time I downloaded it!
Look I downloaded this today and there's no features nothin I'm on my IOS aswell just.... you know fix it..........
Sorry, but this map is only for Android beta 1.1.0. when you opened this in lower version, you will only see update blocks. :)
Seriously, i like the pattern of the floor
when will mcpe ios 1.1.0 come out?
lol it's wierd
Please! We Want this Mojang (Whoever your called)
Why are my comments being deleted?
Only missing is woodlands and ocean explorer map.
Ok I'm just not gonna play it again
I'm excited for the beds alone!
hey there
a video has been made
have a nice day