Published on June 20, 2021

Mecha-Craft (Beta-version 1.0.0)

Want to experience the battle of Titan and Star Wars? Then this mecha-addon can meet your needs. Fly the S-phoenix to launch the Space Chase station, control the Phoenix to fight with the machine Kraken, and fight the pillager pilots who operate the machine. Expel those monsters from the universe. Use the machine core to build your own robot army! 6 kinds of different mecha, a variety of custom items, welcome to download mecha-craft add-on to unlock them!


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nice job zahf. looks dope
sooo any updates coming soon?
i noticed the kraken spawns in the nether ALOT i saw 12 in total
mind if i use this in a youtube video

I've been playing with this for hours
Bruhhh Your amazing!! but can you remove the player.json file? make the addon compatible with other addon? or just make a copy of it without player.jason files?? plsss
Hi is this addon done or you have plans on updating it more just asking so I may be able to know
腿疼痛是什麼時候 November 03, 2021 at 4:43 am
Darksideproductionz July 06, 2021 at 2:10 am
Nice Job.
can you make the mod compatible with minecraft version 1.16 ????? please
Could you change the generation cup of the wicks?
It literally will not let me upload the resource pack to a realm. I can upload the behaviour pack but the resource pack just will not upload.
This addon is epic, but im hoping you will add this suggestion to the update:

-Make them healable with iron, batteries, etc depending on what crafting recipe items are used to craft them
-Add more robots
-make the bots have a different abilities or multiple abilities like machine gun, flamethrower, melee, explosives, etc
-make more illager that will protect the pillager pilot from you
-add some structures like mech factory, underground lab, facility, etc
-add more tools, weapons and armors
-make the mechs have their own role like tank, damage or melee.
-add more hostile entities
-make the spawned rideable mechs can be placed back on your inventory as a spawned egg.
-add a custom biomes
-add passive entities

Thats all, I hope you will add this ideas on the addon, thank you :>
Also, I forgot this idea:
-make the mechanical materials (like batteries, cores, mech wings) hard to obtain in killing mobs or rare, but don't change their crafting recipe, and still make things balanced.

I rlly like the addon, this is one of the best addon I've ever downloaded.
I forgot the spawn rate of the mechs are pretty high, make them very rare. Im rlly sorry for too much suggestions lmao
The addon is great! Some suggestions are add more weapon attachments for the mech's like a mini gun. Also when I try to get out of the water using the O-piranha, It can't seem to jump onto land when on water. And maybe make the R-1 attack and respond faster because it's quite slow and maybe add more weapon attachments to it? But overall a really good addon especially since it's still in beta.
Please update expansive fantasy