Published on February 18, 2020 (Updated on May 09, 2022)

Mechs and Jetpacks - Magna the Mighty (Destroyer Robot) Update

What do Mechs and Jetpacks have in common? They're both in this pack! Other than that, hmmmmm.... They're both lots of fun..? Yes they are! They both can be driven around? Yep. Flown/driven, sure. They both have pixels. YES they do! Wow, these things are more similar than I thought.

Get all of these particular items from your local armorer. Yes. they've been going to Advanced Armorer School, obtained their Diploma Of Advanced Armorer-Type Things IV. Well, some of them have, good luck with yours! They're all top-level trades, so place down a lot of Blast Furnaces in your village, grow lots of villagers, and trade up all the armorers. Patience (as with most things) is key!

Magna The Mighty (Destroyer Robot)

A cyclops robot with a laser eye and a bad attitude; the perfect bodyguard. Buy from an Armorer (17 emerald blocks!). Once spawned it will attack monsters by default but if you want it to follow you around you should tame it with a lodestone (90% chance). Sit it like a regular pet.

They come in three sizes and three textures. Collect the whole set!

Heavy Transport (can airlift Heavy Miners)

Need to move your Heavy Miners from jobsite to jobsite? Driving long distances too slow? Well you need a Heavy Transport to airlift that Heavy Miner. Just hop in your Transport and drive into a Heavy Miner to load it up. To unload, hop in the Heavy Miner and jump. Just like real life.

As usual, buy from your local Armorer - top level trade. You might need to trade up a few Armorers before you find one selling these.

Repair with iron ingots and redstone.

Heavy Miner 

For Heaving Mining... And, giving your friends a lift. (It's also 4-seater!)

As for the drill mech below, before it can mine you need to power it with a netherite bar while riding. Then it's good to go forever, or until destroyed. It will not drop its spawn egg, so handle with care! If you need to transport it load it into a Heavy Transport.

Repair with redstone and iron ingots.

Need a to drill a huge mine shaft? 

The Drill Mech is for you

Once you have traded for one of these beasts, you need to do a thing before it will do anything other than walk around, slowly. Hop in, get a netherite bar and hold it, interact with your machine. This initializes the mech and it will now fly (look up and jump), drill down (look down), and mine horizontally. It also provides the user night vision and underwater breathing. These armorers have thought of everything!

If your mech is destroyed it will drop a spawn egg (yay) but you'll have to initialize it again with a netherite bar (boo).

The newly-developed Jetpack 2.0

The oldly-developed Demolition Mech.

Jetpack 2.0

  • Faster in all aspects than the original version (see below).
  • More expensive than the original version, that's for sure. It's a seller's market! The armorers are looking for big ROI on this one.


  • Lots of hit points
  • Jumps like it's nobody's business
  • Has a handy minigun on its roof
  • Runs very fast
  • Swims very fast
  • Repairable with redstone and/or iron ingots

Demolition Mech

  • Bashes its way through just about anything, great for mining or destroying your enemy's base.
  • Sorta slow
  • Repairable with redstone and/or iron ingots
  • Mines all the new blocks! The armorers have been upgrading their mad skillz and have added the ability to mine netherrack, quartz ore, tuff, deepslate and blackstone. And, best of all, made it flame/lava proof!

Jetpack (original)

  • A pack with a jet on it which enables the user to fly. Crazy, man.
  • Drops a jetpack when you 'kill' it (handy when you want to pack it away).
  • Look up to fly up, down to fly down, you know the drill!

Original Mechs and jetpack



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  • Added the Magna the Mighty (Destroyer Robot and potential bodyguard). 
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes elsewhere.




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Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
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Awesome mod and tested working on my realms server on Bedrock 1.18.12 survival. No glitches, thanks for the beautiful models,well thought out mod.
Suggestion: Remove the Drill Mech's fall damage
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fuck you it's player.json NOT FCKING JASON
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All of the mods you make work for me, and also work together. Good job on that.
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can u make machine gusn shoot faster
Really Good Add-on I loaded onto bamboo forest and miner mech cut through all the bamboo nice add-on ☺☺????
Exactly how do we get these in survival? Do we trade with a certain type of villager or craft them or what?
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Could you fix the bug where the demolition mech takes fall damage. Also could you add a feature to the demolition mech where if you run into a mob it does damage. Could you also give the mech a melee attack?
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