Published on February 04, 2021 (Updated on February 04, 2021)


 If you like medieval themes, then you might like this add-on. Armor, magic scrolls, new weapons and everything is balanced for a comfortable game. There is no cheating ore and other things here.


 I like medieval and fantasy themes. After some searching for ideas, I decided to create an add-on for MCBE. There is armor, coins and weapons. Moreover, everything is sorted by inventory contributions and looks quite tolerable. Now let's take a closer look.


 The add-on contains 4 types of coins: copper, iron, silver and gold. You can use them in your medieval RolePlay projects. So far, they are not used anywhere, but in the future I will make them trade with villagers.


  Basic crafting ingredients are based on vanilla items.

  Iron + Coal.

 Since we cannot put two different materials in the furnace, I combined them into one piece. Used to create a Steel Ingot.

  Steel ingot.

 Item for making plate armor.


 Item for making a Heavy Plate Chestplate and Chainmail.

 Fiery eye.

 Ingredient for the fire scroll.


 I decided not to give up the vanilla style and did not add effects to the armor.

Chainmail received a craft

Hunting armor

This is an improved version of leather armor with increased durability and slightly more protection.

Heavy plate armor

Stronger than iron armor and provides more protection, but requires steel to craft.


 Wooden stick.

 It is a cool alternative to a wooden sword, but has less damage and durability, but the cost of creating is less.

 Steel sword.

 More durable than iron and deals more damage. It can be used as a temporary alternative to the diamond sword, but the steel sword is much inferior in strength to the diamond one.


 Scrolls are used to deal a lot of damage quickly and help you survive in some situations. So far, only a fire scroll is available, but I'll try to add more in the future.

 Blank scroll.

 Used to create a scroll with a spell.

 Fiery scroll.

 Shoots with a fiery eye spell and deals great damage. Recharge 5 minutes.



 The first item in the add-on. Drops from zombies.

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The mod is good but I have a few suggestions, like a heavy version of all armor would be nice, and a light armor too, maybe the light armor could be like an undercoat, and the heavy armor the shell, also for steel it seems awkward to make an item just to be an in-between so I suggest a version of the furnace, the smelt, which would be crafted with 3 iron in a row on the top, A cauldron in the middle and cobble every was else. The smelt would have to be input and you would use it to craft steel and blades(see below). Copper weapons would be nice but not all of the weapons and armor could be copper and there might be a different way to craft them like, a leather chest plate in the middle top, with leather under it and copper surrounding it which would act as a chest plate and pants. now for advanced weapons like long and broadswords, to craft a broadsword you would need to first get blades by smelting two of the same resource in the smelt(the reason for the iron top is to be like an anvil to hammer the blades into shape) and then craft Stick with a blade and a resource of the material the blade was made out of, and for a longsword just a pole(crafted with two stick) with two blades on top, also a longsword could be held in two-hand or in one depending on if the was something in the other hand. For spears and lances, you would use the poles with a resource, or blade on top(respectively). A battle-ax would be just an ax with an extra resource on the top row, and a knife could just be a stick and blade. For ranged weapons, a heavy crossbow would be cool, especially if you used a spyglass to craft it and you used it like a scope, and of course a longbow. Some scrolls I thought of were healing, immunity(temporarily immune to damage), and a scroll that gave you a one-time hit bonus. That's it from me for suggestions, I already like the mod and can't wait to see how it will grow.
Bruh i cant download
no me permite abrirlo de ningun modo, y cuando pude probarlo, solo me añadía 2 bloques, y solo eso, no añadía ni las monedas, ni las armaduras, ni las armas, solo esos 2 bloques, they were mud and mud bricks
So I know that you just published this addon recently, and it is good considering how recently it came out. So if it is alright, I have some suggestions I would like to make, and one of them (if not both) you probably already are adding, or thinking about adding them, anyways... first, is that it would be cool if the fire scroll could cook the animal, and making the raw drop, into cooked. The second is that it would be cool if there are some magical stones that you can add to the wooden staff, giving it magical properties, with cooldowns ofc. These are the only suggestions I have now and thank you for reading this, have a wonderful nice day :).
Love the mod btw
Hi. I think this would go great with my medieval kit pvp. Downside is that it wont let me install it.
Any help/advice? Im tryin this on my xbox
You may have problems due to incompatible add-ons. Add-on working only in Minecraft 1.16.200+.

If you can't install the add-on, then look at the guides on YouTube
Looks nice. I recommend that you add Knight armor and make mobs that would likely attack you. I think the hunting armor needs rework from a typical leather armor by adding a few more colors along the tips as well as making the helmet a full hood.
Do you comment on every addon?
Devastator, why do you go on everything and suggest everything. Stop pushing the creators to their limits.