Published on December 02, 2016 (Updated on December 02, 2016)

Medieval City [Creation]

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Hey hey hey this map is amazing pls.. built a pirate ship ignore this??
There is an app which copies buildings in mcpe and this guy did it! Sownload the app better than this
I'm requesting some sort of contact!
This builder has a wonderful technique and would fit perfectly with us!
This Map Was Really Made By Grian And Other Peoples For Machinimas For Taurtis A Long Time Ago Ill Show This To My Friends And Tell Them Who Made This
Hey dear and Funkymunke i really need to say this map is very good and i would like to ask you if u culd make a map for my server network my team and me are working on a RolePlay server at the moment and we cant really build so good but ur a pro pls contact us
Discord: BROTNULL#0491
Pls reply if u wannt to contact us by another way
Guy it don't work for me please help I need to see this wold please
Do you guys know what MCD is? (Minecraft Diaries Aphmau's series) It reminds me a lot about it and I'm gonna make my own Roleplay like that but it's called warrior diaries?
Best map omg thanks for making it
I used this with shaders and let me just say, i love this map! It's MAPsolutely FABULOUS!!! ( see what i did there)
I wonder why he didn't do any thing with the big house by the portal
All i can say is WOW!!! I've downloaded the map and it is amazing! I don't even know how can u build them all! Amazing job!
How do I publish my creations?
I can use this mas for do an adventure map?
It does not work for me :(
Omg thank you for making this! I've been looking for a medieval city/village everywhere! Thank you so much! It is an amazing map!