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Published on January 28, 2017 (Updated on January 28, 2017)

Medieval Fantasy Inn [Creation]

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Truly good map!
Make the ultimate fantasy survival base complete with a stable, garden, nether portal, and giant map! I bet that would help loads of minecrafters out there (including me) and it would be nice challenge for you to make Luna.
Andrea Christabella July 09, 2017 at 7:10 am
Can you make a video on how to make the portal design and the stable?
Or at least make a map like this but without the inn and just the stable and portal with a village right outside the forest, that would be awesome!
I suggest you call that map: Enchanted Survival Base!
Hmm... since I don't make videos because of little free time I can't really do that. But if you want to know how to build like that, I recommend watching a Youtuber called "Grian" because I used his style for this build.
What a wonderful map! I especially love the underwater farm and I'm so curious as to how it is made and how to access it.
Well it was not intended to be a farm, rather mystical plants growing underwater... As to how I did it: When you use world edit you have to work with block IDs and one of those gives you an invisible, solid block that I used to block the water from breaking the plants. Since I didn't build it as a farm, the only way to acces it would be to dig down next to the river and make an entrace yourself. Sorry if it's not what you would've liked to hear :/
You can actually just use ender pearls to get in. Excellent map by the way!
Really awesome! I feel like this map is begging to be made into an adventure map, and it would be really cool for you to do that. Keep building! ?
Very beautiful map. I love how you tried to make it a little dark and scary, but then once you actually take the whole scenery in, it's just wonderful. You made it seem like all of the elements of the world came together to make this. Yeah, I think I did go a little overboard with the thinking, but that's exactly what it seems like to me. I absolutely love it and was wondering if I could use this map for a YouTube first person lets play? If I do, I'll make sure to credit you. Even if I didn't, people would already know I didn't build it ( I'm not THAT good. ) But I definitely will credit you, and again, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. As you can tell, I LOVE it. Please keep building. Thank you so much! Bye! :3
Of course you can use it, I build my maps for people to have fun with it and let their fantsy go wild so as long as you don't start claiming it as your own, I'll be happy to know you have fun with it. And thanks for asking :)
This is so cute!!!! Love it
you need major respect for this map, good job ;)
It does not work on apple
Yes! I always wanted a fantasy map.Thank you.