Published on March 06, 2022

Medieval House

We have a house with very simple colors but what do they look nice to look at, wheelbarrows to be able to transport wheat without problems, a portal to the nether to be able to travel to look for things, it also has a small stable and a lot of nature in the surroundings of home.The interior details are very nice and well set.It can be used as a survival world to play with friends and have even more fun.=========================On January 20, a contest was broadcast on the koffyt youtube channel "The best medieval construction", this construction is set in medieval times.=========================In case you were wondering, who is this contestant?  Charles.The creator Carlos gave us the rights to publish this map.Thank you very much for reading, have a nice day!


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Hi, sorry to comment here but I have no other way to communicate with you (would be amazing if you made a Discord channel for Minecars). I noticed yesterday that the download link for Minecars was missing, and today the whole page for Minecars is gone. I was wondering if you're planning to submit the addon again? In any case, is there any way I could get the most recent version from you?

You can contact me @lordshr3ddr on Twitter or Instagram. I'm LordShr3ddr#7594 on Discord. Thanks!!