Published on December 20, 2018 (Updated on January 26, 2019)

MeduCreeper Addon

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The download doesnt seem to work the link has stopped working.
Good. But why did not you use the new Add-ons system, so you do not have to replace the game's Creeper? If you want, you and I come together, and created another update of this Add-on without having to replace the Creeper. I know how to use the system of Add-ons!

If you accept my proposal, talk to me on Twitter:
why does it replace something?? This I tore website is only for bedrock and not java!! And 1.8 is out on bedrock. And some people are still making replace add_ons here?? ok whatever ;.; I haven’t used it though lol
I mean intire... I hate auto correct
In response to the inevitable comments about this addon not using the new addon features, it should be understood that the new 1.8 custom entities are not very user friendly, and it is hard to code using them.
Oh now i understand
Hey bruh igat a better eyedea for ya instead of shooting fireball why not make it when it explodes the fireball will spread out
Um why isn't this using the new 1.8 features like not replacing mobs?
Tbh I thought it will be a hybrid between medusa and a creeper. 7.8/10 lasted opportunity
Its not a custom entity you didnt know to how to created your own mobs?