Published on April 26, 2018 (Updated on April 26, 2018)

Mega Destroyer Capture The Flag (PVE) [Minigame] (Beta 1.5 Only)

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My knights are attack at my flag and I attack at my flag I get points
This is the best capture the flag map
Idk what happens but when I play the map it keeps crashing Minecraft
*Happened* excuse me
Can you try making this in current Minecraft
Why no load
Tell us how to get beta 1.5!
Tell us how to get beta 1.5!
Can you make moba like the old mega destroyer.Maybe combining the pve map you made and mega destroyer
It crashes at 1.5 beta for me :|
Awsome build! Thanks for making it PvE cause I have no friends :/
Uhh, what happened to skyfight?
Well, its very good game. What if making another map like CS 1.6 with PvP mode, and zombie mode
this is a really unique map
Every time i open it my game crashes