Published on January 30, 2022 (Updated on September 02, 2022)

MeoWhy Furniture V2.0 Testfix🍄 (+170 Decorations!!) 1.19

MeoWhy Furniture contains more than +170 decoration blocks for your world, This furniture addon does not have any type of theme, it is simply a lot of furniture for any type of situation.

Updates 1 or more times per week!

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Fixed recent Minecraft update compatibility:

Some furniture disappeared in last Minecraft update, now is fixed.

Fixed some broken models.

Minor texture adjustments.

2.0 update:

Added chairs (2 in total)

Added dummy (entity, only in spawn eggs, creative mode)

Some 1.19 fixes

1.9 updates:

Added Shield (placeable block)

Added Trident (placeable block)

Added Salmon stack (placeable block)

Added Spanish language (MX and ES)


Fixed all blinking textures!



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It still some how unable to see some items even I’ve activated the geometry fix .
Please fix it so that it can be used on version 1.19.30
update this addon to te 1.19.30 version PLSSS :(
Yes, I experienced it too
This comment has been removed
And it’s really cute that’s why I ask for the edu add on! Tysm!
Hello! Do you mind adding a add on for edu? Thank you!
omg! yesterday this addon was working and now today some of the stuff is broken. i had to delete my worl coz i had this in here. the doorways are broke. the window frames are broke. the thing that goes over the window is broke and your geo fix DONT WORK AT ALL. please get this fixed soon.
Why is it say what is mod steal and download from here but i am download here pls help me

P.s i am from Kazakhstan bad eng
Hey! I found a pretty cool building hack with this mod!
So: The double box is 2 blocks long, but only consists of one! That means that if the teddie from this mod is on the ground and then places the box in such a way that the part without a block hitbox is above the teddie, then it looks like the teddie is in the chest!
I wish you'll add Faithful 32x support for this!
this is easily one of the most polished and creatively well-made furniture add-on for Bedrock Edition!
The furniture addon was nice and great for aesthetics and more
Love the decor! With the flags of different countries, is there a possibility we will be getting decor from various countries as well? Like Japanese, Egyptian, french , etc?