Merging Items 1.1.7 [Goodlands Update]

In this addon, you can merge items and make better ones! They are extremely useful as well! If you like the idea of this addon, then read all about it! (Also: Suggest some more items in the comments!)

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Added new items, biomes and foods to test out and play with!



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Installation Guides

How do i use this goddamn mod?! I tried it and the only thing I get is the superstar and the good fireball and good eccence
Disc "Build Our Machine(Rock Version)"
By DAGames
Disc 13 + cobblestone
Portal Gun

Beacon + Sculk Sensor

left click or lt to shoot a blue portal
right click or r to shoot a orange portal
sneak a block with cursor to levitate the block in the air to move it
sneak again to drop it
travel to places with a more efficient way or to troll
Disc "Want You Gone" from video game Portal 2

Disc 11 + lightning
Sonic Ring

lightning + gold ingot

teleport to places you never been before like the nether, the end, or anywhere in the overworld
Sonic Spin dash

lightning + iron bars

right click or rt to merge into a ball and dash into enemies with shocking dmg
Sonic Time Slow

Lightning + clock

right click or rt to slow time by 95%

right click or rt again to resume time

Requires Sonic crafting table
Sonic pickaxe of power

Lightning + diamond pickaxe

mine blocks efficiently in 0.01 secs

right click or rt to sonic burst explode blocks and lightning puts them in your inventory instantly

Requires Sonic crafting table
Sonic's Electric pull

lightning + lead

in he first movie Sonic was grapping lightning at Dr. robnik's flying vehicle with sonic's unlimited power source demolishing his vehicle with graps of lightning

Requires sonic crafting table
Sonic's Conqueror Haki or Electric Pulse

Shield + Lightning

right click or rt to temporary stun every mob, redstone, components, and lit tnt in a 10000 block radius

Requires Sonic crafting table
Sonic Beacon

Beacon + Lightning

gives any postive effects and nearby mobs get all negative effects

Requires Sonic crafting table
Sonic Blade of Lightspeed

Diamond sword + Lightning

right click or rt to do a Rapid slash attack 20 times to 50 times

sneak to charge into a ball and release to destory mobs in the way

Requires Sonic crafting table
Sonic Armor

Diamond helmet + Lightning
automatically have thorns 3, Protection 4, Unbreaking 3, Mending, and Resitanity 3(breath underwater longer forgot the name)
Regeneration 5 effect

Diamond Chestplate + Lightning
same enchantments
Fire Resistance and Health Boost 5 effect

Diamond Leggings + Lightning
same enchantments
Haste 2 effect

Diamond Boots + Lightning
same enchantments but with feather falling 4, Soul speed 3 and frost walker 2
Speed 10 when walking
Speed 50 when sprinting

Requires Sonic crafting table
Sonic Crafting Table

Lightning + crafting table

Craft Super Sonic items to make you move Sonic fast!
Ancient blade of Absorption

Netherized Sword + Beacon

every mob you kill will be absorbed into your blade making it more stronger

this sword will have mending enchantment

right click or rt to merge mobs around you into your blade making it x10 stronger

sneak to merge swords with your sword lower than diamond by x5 stronger