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Published on February 22, 2017 (Updated on February 22, 2017)

-1850349118: Mesa Biome & Villages

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Actually this is useful and I'll get two other mods with it!
It might be lagging because of the zombie spawner that's about 10 blocks down just past the end of the path by the blacksmith, as you head towards 2nd village. There is also a spider spawner about 30 blocks east (towards sunrise) from the zombie spawner, as well as a skeleton spawner about 30 blocks 'SE' from that one.
I had to cut my chunks down as low as possible until I was able to light up the zombie spawner and take out all the mobs.
Sweet! Thx for the spawner placements XD
Is this super laggy?
You totally wrong!
yes why do you want to know.Seed: -1850349118