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Published on January 18, 2017 (Updated on March 20, 2017)

Mine-Bikes Add-on

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It makes it faster but it still is a horse.It is not a mine-bike
When I spawn the Egg , it spawn a broken horse or colored horse and the others too.
Is there anything it can be fix?
when i spawn the bike they just turn out to be colored horses
MicoLets_MC i want to make sure i can use your Mine-cars addon along side your Mine-bikes addon for a map im building please reply quickly. BTW love the addons.
please dont reply i found a massive problem in my map ... so i deleted the whole thing
love the addon
This one really sucks it is just some colored horses
You don’t need to grow ores ?
please add more speed.
when i try to spawn the bikes they die instantly, im using education edition but that is just a modified win10
it won't let me have 2 players ride on one bike.
You wrote Once you’ve placed a saddle on the horse its a bike not a horse
Wow it looks amazing
What is this how do you ride ????