Published on March 23, 2017

Mine-Cargo Add-on

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Update the addon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I get in it does not let me drive the chest and my inventory won’t open only when I’m doing it with the normal items!!!!! I hate this so much it’s so stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!!!
won't you be the stupid ?, this mod is from 2017 and obviously they don't work in new versions, daa
It doesn’t download this mod isn’t good
Good car addon but it glitches
Great mod!, except mine behaved a bit differently the behavior was missing or something because I just got a drivable creeper with a storage area and the texture of the truck on it, plus it walks at a an average pace. I am fine with that but if you know how to fix that please answer.
How can i put cargo
Cool! Nice mod!
Can you please make the speed faster like the jeep addon speed.i know it's a big truck but most trucks go fast.Anyways it's awesome
AMAZING!! But I can't download it because of downloading problems.. ?
Can I get a download for the Cargo truck addon in seperate Behavior and resource?
I can't even open to chest!!! I hate that,but the vehicle is cool!!.
Oh, just go inside the truck and press your inventory button. Same goes with android for ios
Love it! But the texture is a bit bad, could you make a white one? Or Maybe multiple colors like most car addons.