Published on February 16, 2017

Mine-Jetpacks Add-on

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I can't mount it PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi I need help really badly. Is it with my device? I don't know. Every time I download something which includes keys, fuel, etc. it won't work. I can't mount the vehicle. I can't tame it. I can't use it. I can't mount the jet pack , plane. Car, jeep, so please help me. I am in need of a reply. And no if you think " this guy has solved it already" well nope I haven't. Please feel free to reply cause I need help.
If u hit Urself with the fuel canister then u actually get levitation
Can you make a penguin add-on
What about a tornado add-on
It is good and it now is compatible with 1.0.3
The jet pack is really slow, and only moves straight up. Also, you can't just stop it. You have to press jump and then you fall, so I don't see how this would be any good for Survival mode.
However, I have noticed that if you stand on the ground and throw tons of fuel straight up, you get this effect call "Levitation", and you can go up and sideways for 4 seconds. Keep throwing fuel downwards to keep going. It's better than jet packs, although it is very costly because it takes a lot of bottle of enchanting.
I cant fly the jetpack properly because of smokes from the blaze.
Hi can you please help me when i try to dawnload the addon in mediafire when i click dawnload it just refreshes the page but doesnt start the dawnload please help me i want to try the addon
Wow, it's really work when u use resource pack and behavior pack to this Addon really work right? I tested and put the resource and behavior pack in my new world and then, IT WORK
I loved it so much
I loved it so much but it would not even give you the best of the app
Why is moving while the jet pack is equipped really slow?