Published on April 08, 2017 (Updated on April 08, 2017)

Mine-Pogo Add-on

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??? what are these ppl below me ???
Can you make an addon that replaces the yellow flower with an ore detector, that will be very useful for finding ores! :D
make monkey addon that replaces husks
and squirrel addon that replaces chickens
no queen for husk do Butch (Good dinosaur) for husk and do moana for cow (For Disney comment from Tye)
Plz make a Pokémon add on for iOS that works.
How do you make custom creatures with addons plz answer
Make a Disney character add on! My little sister really really wants them and we can't download mods and building them is boring. Replace villagers with Cinderella (Farmers) Belle( Librian) Jasmaine (Blacksmith) Snow White (Butcher) Aurora (Preist) Hercules (Iron Golem), And Replace Sheep with Meeko, Bats with Tinkerbell, Cows with Dumbo, Pig with Percy(Pocahontas), Horses with Philipe (Beauty and The Beast), Chickens with Hei Hei, Creepers with (Whatever Character you want!), Skeletons with Dancing Skeletons (The Skeleton Dance 1929 Silly Symphony), Zombies with Maleficent, Enderdragon as Maleficent dragon, Husk With Evil Queen, Zombie Villager as Zombie Princesses, Wither as Ursula (Holding on to Flatsem and Jackson on the side of her face), Stray as Alice, Wither Skeleton as Te aka (Moana), Enderman as Dr. faciller, Zombie Pigmen as Random Members (Cinderella's Ball, Belle's Village, etc), Blaze as Ursula (With Crown),
Please make Mine-Alligators/Crocodiles , Mine-Fish, Mine-Geckos. I have some ideas you can replace with.. Alligators/Crocodiles replaced by Pig but a little bit lower then the pig, and mine fish replaced by guardians but very smaller and there is a Pufferfish which is the elder guardian. Mine geckos are replaced by silverfish.
What do you think I'm working on?
How do you recommend making an addon?
This is completely and utterly useless...... I LOVE IT
Really cool I'm gonna make a YouTube video of this addon
LOL it's so funny
Wooohooo mcaddon!!!
Good job editor
Super useless xD but cool haha
Cool Map I like it!