Published on March 24, 2017

Mine-QuadBikes Add-on

Installation Guides

Why is it showing a white horse?
Can you plz just get rid of the an inappropriate ad just popped up!!! :(
Soon I'm probably gonna have 500 mods. Lol
I dont like this much other than the horse car, I cant ride the others
This is the best I love it I use it in my YouTube build world and its awesome for that
This is the top ten car mod that I ever tried this is a good mod other car mods don't work
the mcaddon thing is it like the resource pack and behavior at the same time?
The .mcaddon file imports the behavior and resource pack at the same time.
They are not the exact look as the pic and you can use the Arnor they will turn grey but it's ok I still like it
Is this available on Windows 8.1?? I can't seem to update past version 0.16.2
Lol how do u get it on? It seems really cool
This is the best mode
Best mod or addon ever
I love minecraft it's the best