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Published on March 26, 2017 (Updated on March 26, 2017)

Mine-Snakes Add-on

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Great! Next you should make a crocodile addon.
Awesome addon, maybe you could make an addon that adds monkeys or seals to the game.
i have this add on. My tame snake killed one of my tamed dogs (unprovoked). Please fix this bug.
This is fantastic! You're brilliant.
My 5-year old son is trying to tame the snake with a bone but it's not working out. Could anyone tell me how to tame it? I'm not sure what we are missing.
Make sure the behavior pack is enabled.
Can u realease The pogo stick Addon and also make more animal Addons even make a aeroplane Addon and make it replace the blaze or creeper
I only got a red one
Nice Add-on i m gonna download this I hope u make more please like Whale Sharks Giraffe Zebra Tiger Lion rhino Monkey I've got a good idea (Replace The iron Golem to King Kong please ) and add Skull Crollers From Kong Skull island Please Add more animals please
And I hope gona make animals too
Hey love this addon i have been waiting for so long for snakes
I've been waiting for 3 animal addons: hamster that replace bunnies, snakes, and foxes (that replace ocelots/cats.)
Dude you have to update it to show what the other snakes look like at least a picture
Nope I I was the first guy to comment though this is my second comment
Could you please make a mod for foxes, and have them replace the ocelot and have the colors red and black like a real foxes and still keep the no fall damage but add way more health and attack damage? Btw love the mod, it's awesome!!
Totally agree!
I’ve done that already, except it replaces the wolf and not the ocelot. It doesn’t take fall damage and does deal more damage. Here’s a link:
Whenever I download an addon, it glitches and it acts regular