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Published on February 02, 2017 (Updated on February 02, 2017)

Mine-Trucks Add-on

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Ngl this is quite ugly
Does this mod work on Xbox or no? Also what version does it work on?
Although I am unsure as to if this addon even works anymore, (it’s around 2 years old,) you should be able to play it on Xbox if you join a world that has the addon installed.
Only works in Normal mode? Are you sure? Not even Hard or Easy?
Good Addon Il rate it 4/5 keep it up bro!
Can you make a addon that brings trains replaces all mobs?
Good but The creator is getting lazier because he didn't change the spawn eggs so you know which ones are the trucks and same for the carrot on a stick so I rate it 2.5/5 because the creator was so lazy
Huh.. looks like it's compatible with the Orange aventador addon/tiger tank addon!
Make a plane addon please.
How can you edit the model and entities' texture? I found no way on the Internet(most of them seems are for android). I'm using an iOS.
Could you please consider making a furniture addon? I've been looking for one since the BEGINNING OF TIME and you seem like a really great and active mod-maker. Thanks!
Someone please make a helicopter Addon the replaces some of the flying mobs
Ghasts?,Wither,Dragon? I will vote for dragon Cause I know they exist or not I know they exist cause the scientist actually find fossils