Published on November 28, 2016 (Updated on March 13, 2017)

Mine-Wizard Addon

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Mcpedl i request: make noob creature addons like bot players
Just ok
When you said "Killed witches transform into minions" don't you mean Wizards?
retexture the bow to a wand and arrows have some "magical properties". that would be the behaviour
Hello good add-on.
Thx for the addon
First comment
Works with 0.17.0?
Wither Skeletons are invisible when this mod is used however they do still move around. The bow they carry which is changed to a magic wand or something is only visible. Just thought i'd let you know about that bug. Awesome Addon though!!!
OK, I will scrap my idea of one and make something else!!!

Hint: Christmas ***