Published on June 08, 2020 (Updated on June 10, 2020)

Minecart Car Pack

Make Minecart Rails Invisible, Adds road blocks and other items so you can make an illusion your riding on blocks. I Recommend you Use this pack for citys and other minecraft builds. Pack made by ben m, feel free to use for personal use

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-New Example World (Beta)

-Added Trailer For Pack Showing off example world and mcpack



  • exampleworld.mcworld
  • Car Pack.mcpack

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I love this addon! This is perfect for the City map I'm building. It's also useful for a lot of other things, like the fact that you can now disguise redstone blocks as black concrete. I also like the showcase map so much that, I want it to be extended. Could you please extend the showcase map please? But you can also not do it anyway. I like the slide.
Glad You Like It, i will keep working on the example map, i lost motivation and dropped it but i will be sure to work on it again, feel free to use it in your map
Fix the download link it is not working
Sorry, it is working for maybe because i use safari, i will add an alternative download link using google drive
Maybe turn the yellow glazed terracotta into a turning line block? Great pack btw
Will Do, Attempted it before kinda failed. but i know what i did wrong and it will come in the next update
could you make a version were the yellow concrete is not road line thanks
i will try, i have already exported the texture pack and that made it so i cant add/edit any other block, but that bug might be sovled in a future version of the program i use, so it might come :)
I love it! Can you make a Texture so Minecarts look like a car? That would be so cool!
Thanks! I will try to remember that when i update the pack
Cool! I hope the reviews aren't bad