Published on November 10, 2017 (Updated on November 10, 2017)

Minecon Earth Mobs Addon (Concepts!)

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God the mob vote of 2017 was bad
Out of all the mobs they chose the phantom the ONLY mob I hated out of the four of them
Yeah. Same with 2020 it’s in minecraft earth and acts like a squid so you can use the texture and then the squid code not sure if it’s the same for the Moobloom but I think Minecraft dungeons has different coding than normal minecraft but still. Also the allay was my least favorite. I liked it like 30% but it’s kinda Tameable so
I think i vote all... All others hmmm.. Uh haaa stingray!!!!!
Can you change the links please because the links just send me to which won't let me get the addon cause of a ad.
I thought the Ray was the Monster of the Night Skies, as it’d kill players that didn’t sleep regularly.
I wanna say that too why is the ray is in water suppose to be the monster of the night skies
It is, but this was before they changed it so there weren't two water mobs. They realized that there are basically no Air Mobs.
Genevieve-Ann Getz April 02, 2018 at 7:21 pm
I vote for the ray
I have a great way to use the mod and mobs and I am not sure if this is a great way to use the mod and mobs but I have a battle arena.
Ok I have a great way to use it and this is not a joke I have a battle arena and I think it will be a great way to use the mod and mobs
if you guys want a megalodon or any other sharks think about it sharks are endangered animals think of the effects of the ecosystem
Actually, There’s An Addon For Megaladons And Sharks. It Has A lot Of Downloads.
I like all of them
Theyre all cool
Thank you, Monjang :)
They said that Mob C is actually 3 x 3 blocks big. If its possible you should fix it.
Cool! If I could to vote, I would vote mob c :)
I'm so glad that the ray won. We needed a hostile flying mob.
Well there's already the Vex, Ghast, not to mention the Ender Dragon.
The stingray got chosen, the sky will be filled with exitement, and the oceanic update will also come sometime.
Please make a Java version of this mod PLEASE. MCPE SUCKS for modding