Published on December 01, 2020 (Updated on December 01, 2020)

Minecraft Bedrock Biome Addon

Have you ever wanted to have a world full of bedrock?Then you are in the right place! With this addon, you can finally embark on a world full of bedrock.

This addon will make your world filled with bedrock.

Don't worry there is also some village and pyramid around.


- Overworld full of bedrock.

- Nether full of bedrock.

- Almost no trees/mob in the wild.

- Only work in infinite and old.

List of biomes that become bedrock:

- Bamboo jungle biome

- Beach biome

- Basalt deltas biome

- Birch forest biome

- Taiga biome

- Desert biome

- Extreme Hills biome

- Forest biome

- Flower forest biome

- Hell biome

- Jungle biome

- Mesa biome

- Mesa plateau biome

- Mushroom island biome

- Plains biome

- Ocean biome

- Savanna biome

- Soulsand valley biome

- Sunflower Plains biome

- Swampland biome

- River biome

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To use this addon ,you must enable the creation of custom biomes.

Important Note : If you have the following bug after rejoining the world,you must deactivate and then activate the addon before rejoining the world so this bug won't appear

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1) Download minecraft bedrock biome addon.

2) Open it.

3) Create a new world with the addon selected and enable creation of custom biomes.


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This is truly Minecraft: bedrock edition
Minecraft BEDROCK
Bedrock/10 "would bedrock again"
Wait I thought 1.16.100 prevented custom biomes