Published on September 12, 2020 (Updated on December 08, 2020)

Minecraft But Grass Blocks Make You Without Gravity

Hi friends, this time I am uploading the Minecraft addon "Minecraft but grass blocks without gravity". Just by looking at the name of the addon you may already know what this addon is, but I will still explain it below

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TheMinecraftCockatiel October 11, 2020 at 10:08 am
That's not how not having gravity works, if you had no gravity you wouldn't go up because to go up like that there need to be gravity pulling you up, if you lost gravity you would stay at a height (except if you jumped, or crouched).
Pls make minecraft addon "minecraft but in 15 second you get random efect"
Yess ;) but how many seconds does it take?
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