Published on January 26, 2023 (Updated on March 18, 2023)

Minecraft Chocolatey v1.1 (Add Hot chocolate!)

¿Eres un amante del chocolate? ¡Ase granos de cacao y haga delicioso chocolate, chocolate blanco, huevos de chocolate, pastel de chocolate, taza de leche y chocolate caliente! ¿Alguna vez quisiste hacer algo más que galletas con tus granos de cacao? Texturas respetuosas con la tradición. Próximamente más CHOCOLATE.

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---Ver 1.1--- 

  • Add empty cup
  • Add milk cup
  • Add chocolate and milk cup
  • Add hot chocolate

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I like this idea
why cant i inport it into minecraft it dosent pop up in minecraft
Does it send you any error messages bro?
If you have any new idea to replace eye of ender with other item, I will do it,
And thanks for 4 stars.
Pretty good tbh! But maybe an idea- like melted chocolate you heat a bar in the furnace- just an idea!
How about making chocolate blocks edible? It will take a lot of time to eat (3x more than normal food) but will fully restore hunger
could you make another world like the nether, a world made of chocolate with lots of chocolate mobs and everything with a chocolate boss? That would be so great!!!
Maybe hot chocolate drinks and chocolate milk drinks